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hot air launches


Thanks to Bill, ve7wfg, for his humor.  

I didn't intend anything ad-hominem in my comments, and I
hope no one took them that way.

However, it is important to understand that the BB IS read
by the board, and inputs ARE listened to.  The BB is also 
read by influential people who are in a position to help
the various AMSAT societies with launches.  They read.
They observe.  They do not comment.

It is a sobering thought, but the reality of space comm's
is that for every kilobuck you spend on a radio, you need 
to spend a kilobuck on a satellite, over time.  This message 
was driven home to me by a very old friend, who also added, 

"Satellites have profoundly changed amateur radio for me.  
How else could I work DX, living in an apartment, if I 
couldn't use my portable satellite station?"

This stuff takes time to develop.  And it's frustrating, not
having the facilities you'd like.  You need to consider the 
future...look 10 years out...and think about mentoring young
folks, as well, over that time.  

What we have here is nothing less than the future of amateur radio.  


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