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ISS in PCsat compatiblity mode

ISS digipeater is currently listening on 145.825.
This frequency was for compatibility with PCsat
and other UI-digipeaters on that frequency in the
future.  Unfortunately PCsat is currenly not usable
in the northern hemisphere due to poor sun angles
but it might be usable in midday passes in the
Southern Hemisphere.?

So you have an opportunity for a double-hop
experiment.  Set your unproto path:


And transmit on 145.925 and listen on 145.800.
A 2-hop success will come down via the path
of W3ADO-1,RS0ISS-3*.

I dont have recent keps, and PCsat and ISS
may not even be in view of each other in the
southern hemisphere right now, but I thought
I'd point out the possibilities if anyone wants
to take a crack at it.

The probablility of success are small.  But it
was done succssfully before (see PCsat web page).
And best chance will be in unpopulated areas.
So even if you arent transmitting that way, watch
the downlink for 2 hop packets from some other continent!

de Wb4APR. Bob

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