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Re: Re:Re: Re: The hard questions..

Stacey E. Mills wrote:

> Any review of AO-40 will always be heavily colored by the unknowns of
> the 400n incident which caused significant mechanical distortions,
> heat, pressure, etc.  We have no way to know the extent of these
> damages.  It seems quite likely that they played a part in the
> battery failure.

A few minutes ago I happened to encounter a comment Mike N1JEZ made back 
in August about AO-7: "For the past year or so, during East Coast passes 
of UO-14, I've heard CW come through the transponder...I wonder how long 
AO-7 really has been back, and we just didn't know it?"

At least this time we're listening...and commanding in the blind.

As Stacey points out, there's no particular reason to believe that we've 
heard the last from AO-40...and the experience of AO-7 is particularly 
instructive in that regard. So far with AO-40, patience and faith has 
paid off even in the face of seemingly insuperable difficulties.

Regardless of the eventual outcome, a comment I made several years back 
in this forum still applies: "AO-40 is the most successful satellite 
that ever blew up."

  73 de Maggie K3XS

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