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RE: AMSAT goals and future?


The details of that decision are published in Board minutes from a couple
years ago (before I was on the Board) but as I recall it was due to a number
of factors including:

- the lack of a launch opportunity for Eagle, 
- the existence of the AMSAT-DL P3D project to which many of AMSAT-NA's
designers were contributing much of their time, 
- the long schedule from concept to operational status for any high orbit
- the assumption that AO-40 would provide good service for years,
- the relatively low cost of Echo (about 10% of projected Eagle costs), 
- the need to provide a replacement for aging "EasySats", 
- the need for a platform to test new concepts in communications like the
digital proposal from KA9Q, and 
- a unique opportunity to get Echo built quickly using commercial parts
while providing plenty of room for volunteer provided optional payloads. 

Most of these assumptions are still valid. The impact on AMSAT's reserve
funds has been minimized through many donations and now through the launch
fundraising campaign. 

These decisions are never easy and are made with the best information
available at the time by well meaning volunteers, your Board members. I
encourage you to attend board meetings to see how the process works and to
contribute your opinions. This is not an easy job and the Board members do
their best to represent the best interests of AMSAT. 

The Eagle project has not stopped completely during this time.  Money has
been spent and design work continues on some of the subsystems. A
presentation is scheduled on Eagle development to the Board next week.  I
assure you that the Board is very interested in getting Echo launched and
getting Eagle back on track.


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On Feb 15, 2004, at 10:17 PM, Rick Hambly (W2GPS) wrote:

> Money has been raised for Eagle, but not very much considering its
> multi-million dollar cost.  Some subsystems of Eagle have continued 
> to be developed including the CAN bus (see the Journal) and the 
> navigation sensors. While I favor putting up an Eagle thermometer 
> now, others thought it would detract from our Echo campaign so it 
> will go up after the Echo goal is reached.  If you don't want to 
> wait just call Martha now and donate to the Eagle fund - yes we 
> have an Eagle fund! When the new AMSAT Web store is opened (soon, 
> I hope) you will be able to donate to Eagle on line.


Can you explain why Echo was paid for from the club's reserve money?  
Can we not do the same for Eagle to get it started.  Then ask for 
donations after it has been paid for like Echo?  Perhaps if you don't 
know the answer you can get an another member of the BOD to explain it 
to us.


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