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RE: AMSAT goals and futur?


There are a few messages like yours spinning aimlessly around in amsat-bb so
I picked yours to answer. First let me say that AMSAT Board members and
Officers often do not read amsat-bb messages because of the quantity and the
low "signal to noise" of the content of many of the messages.  If you want
their attention address your messages to them.  

AMSAT discarded the idea of a P4 satellite quite a while ago. The reasons
included the inability to raise money from 2/3 of the world that couldn't
use it, the high cost and complexity of such a satellite and the limited
lifetime because of the need for station-keeping fuel, as I recall. That was
quite a while ago and was documented in the Board minutes, I think.  The
issue has come up more recently and WB4APR has had some interesting new
ideas about a P4 satellite that could be a basis for reconsideration.  I
know I would like one.

I have also seen discussions about Phase-5 missions, especially to the Moon.
Nothing is impossible if we really want to do it. But there are some laws of
physics and economics that we must live with. 

Keep the ideas coming but don't expect to get away with just handing them
off to someone else. You will need to work on these ideas yourself.  Write
articles or letters to the Journal. Build something. Test new ideas. Have
constructive conversations with those who can help.  Blaming someone else
for the lack of progress on your favorite project won't help.  And assuming
that your favorite project is the only worthy project is selfish and wrong.
Get involved and take a positive approach and you may well succeed.   

Defining future vision is now the AMSAT Board's primary goal.  Next week
they will meet in Orlando FL to begin a renewed effort to define a new
strategic plan for AMSAT.  I expect this vision will go way beyond just what
satellites to build but will include a new emphasis on education and
advanced technologies. These are thought by many to be the keys to the very
survival of Ham Radio and the Amateur Satellite Service.

Money has been raised for Eagle, but not very much considering its
multi-million dollar cost.  Some subsystems of Eagle have continued to be
developed including the CAN bus (see the Journal) and the navigation
sensors. While I favor putting up an Eagle thermometer now, others thought
it would detract from our Echo campaign so it will go up after the Echo goal
is reached.  If you don't want to wait just call Martha now and donate to
the Eagle fund - yes we have an Eagle fund! When the new AMSAT Web store is
opened (soon, I hope) you will be able to donate to Eagle on line.


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Does AMSAT have any futur goals for a Phase-4 satellite (geostationary orbit
workable 24/7)?

If AO-40 had not hit the drawing board when it did, could AMSAT have built
another AO-10, AO-13 class satellite and put it into a geostatioary obit for
the same price as AO-40?  (if I recall right it was around $4 million)

By the way just what is AMSAT's goal for the futur after eagle. (5-10-15-20
years down the road)?

also how much money has been raised for project eagle?
why is there no thermometer on the AMSAT-NA web site to reflect the goal of
building and launching eagle?

Thanks to who ever can answer these questions.

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