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The hard questions..

I have been holding my tongue for weeks now, only because i have been
waiting to see if
someone else would ask this,  I guess no one has guts enough to step up
to the plate.

If it was known that the Aux batteries would be switched inline during a
main battery fault or large dip.
Why were they not charged up when the batteries were showing problems

If it was not known that this sequence would happen , they why was it
not known?

You know, if i make a goof in a design at work and i cost the company (
a billion dollar company)
a few kilobucks , my tit is in the wringer for quite a while.  It seems
that there was an awful
lot of Oop-sies on this 4 million (thats FOUR MILLION) dollar satellite.

Keith Schaffrath  N6ORS

p.s.  no private letters please, ill just post them here if i get them.
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