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Re: AO-40 MK II

On Feb 15, 2004, at 5:15 PM, Dave Guimont wrote:

> Good stuff, Luc!!
> I've been SCREAMING for a HEO(EAGLE) for months, wondering all the 
> time why money is being dumped into a LEO, and an FM one at that!!
> I've taken a lot of flak for those statements, so go ahead, hit me 
> again, my shoulders are broad.  I've been around long enough to know 
> what the majority of the REAL satellite supporters want, and we need 
> more of them to come out of the woodwork...
> With the temporary (I HOPE!) loss of AO40 maybe more users will become 
> aware of what amateur satellite future is.  P3E is sure to be a 
> reality, fortunately, but that appears to be about two years off.
> AO-7 (read ssb,cw) and AO40 has kept interest going for months, how 
> much will Echo create??

What bothers me, and in my opinion is very troubling, is that Eagle was 
announced first.  Then Echo comes along and it looks like the BOD just 
dipped into the reserve and paid for Echo over a couple of years.

Eagle gets basically shelved because there is no money. When Eagle was 
announced  why didn't the BOD just take 100,000 out of the reserve and 
get the ball rolling?  The satellite might be half way there by now.

Why did ECHO get priority for money from the reserve?  Can we get money 
for Eagle from the reserve?  How does the BOD rationalize taking money 
from the reserve for one project and not another?  Is the reserve for 
funding projects or for something else? Is our reserve sufficient now 
that it has been used to fund Echo?

Barry - VA3BJD

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