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Re: AO-40 MK II

On 15 Feb 2004 at 14:44, Werner H. Berli wrote:

> Assuming all the paperwork and construction details for the AO-40 are
> still around, what would it cost to build and launch an AO-40 MK II,
> with basically the same capabilities of its predecessor, but with just a
> few of the most obvious improvements, from lessons learned during the
> use and operation of the now unfortunate AO-40?
> Assuming further that the necessary funds could be found, what would a
> possible timeframe be to put MK II into orbit?
> 73
> Werner, HB9US #302508

I completely agree with Werner. The logical course after AO-40 in the HEO class amateur satellite its an 
MK II without batteries...or P3E. I feel sorry for all LEO sat supporters but reality change after AO-40 
demises. We will not gained any valuable assets in cascading 10-4 sats launches.

Serious efforts should be made towards HEO. Just consider how much worldwide users invest time and money in 
setting their AO-40 class station and the only logical course of action is to go towards HEO.

The main question is AMSAT is leading without considering memberships demands? or they will be quick to react 
on the recent changes in reality?

Postponments and priorities reevaluations should be made. ITS TIME FOR AN INTERNATIONAL AMATEUR SATELLITE 
CONCERTED PLANNING. Let the 10-4 sats aside for a while and let concentrate on at least one international 


My only hope "i wish i'm dead wrong here" ...AO-40 BCR'S are gone, blew up due to high current charge needed 
to charge a failed battery and a deeply discharged tied with the failed one. I know they where intended to 
endure the full deployed solar arry current but not as much current needed to feed a failed+discharded 
combination. Again please prove me i'm wrong here? I try to find the spec of theses BCR but i failed even the 
batteries type depicted in the currently available litterature seems not to be the one installed on AO-40?

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
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