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RE: Whip Antennas (was Re: AO-7 requirements)

 I use two vertical antennas for (actually driving down the road) satellite
mobile. A 1/4 wave 2m whip, and the highest gain collinear dual-bander I
could find. I use an antenna switch to choose between them. The high gain
collinear works up to about 15 degrees max, then the 1/4 2m whip takes over.
My favorite setup is a 1/4 wave 2m whip for the uplink, and a 14 el Arrow
cross yagi with a preamp for the downlink held out the window aimed at the
bird. This was for the FOO birds, AO27, SO50, etc.I never worked AO-07
mobile but I will try it when I get a chance with the two verticals,
or(while stopped)my dual band Arrow. If I had a choice of only one antenna
while mobile, I would use the 1/4 wave 2m whip.

 On working the PACSATS mobile. As a comparison, the signal from UO22, is no
where as strong as SO-50. But workable with the two verticals, when working
the bird as a digi-peater. I have over the years uploaded files to various
PACSATS while parked using the dual band arrow, and my D-700 with a laptop.
In my experience I have found the PACSATS signal not as workable as any of
the FM voice birds. A pre-amp was required to complete any file uploads,
that contained more then a couple of 240 byte blocks of data.

73 Jeff kb2m

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