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At 08:59 AM 2/15/2004 +0000, Mike Hooles wrote:
>I operate mobile with an IC706 and work SO50 and AO27 using a dual 2m/70cm
>5/8 whip at elevations of 10degrees plus.
>The whip is mounted at the centre of the roof of my vehicle.
>The downlead from the antennas is about 6ft of good quality RG58u and I have
>optimised the UHF section for 436MHz,
>Mike G3LGR

Gee...Time Out!

Thanks guys and gals for the input!  I WILL have both a 5/8 WL base-loaded
2m whip and a simple 1/4 WL 2m whip on the trip.  I am using the 5/8-whip
for 6m/2m mobile operation and the 1/4-whip for 70cm (3/4 WL).  I currently
have the 1/4 WL whip on my mobile and verified that it works well with my
dual-band FM rig.

I appreciate the advice!  I will only have the FT-817 on this trip (I have
to minimize to some extent since all ham gear will be pre-shipped to MS via
insured Fedex, so weight is an issue).  This will simplify flying down
there (getting around security).  The FT-817 is mounted in a custom made
bracket with my 10.368 GHz xvtr/PA/preamp/sequencer/17-dBi horn mw station
and fits into a small Pelican case.  I have second Pelican case that will
contain the RFC-2-315 2m linear and accessories, tools, multimeter, and swr
meter.  I am taking my portable Arrow antenna which I carry in a 2-inch dia
by 25-inch pvc pipe with caps.  Before 9-11 this setup allowed me to
carry-on my ham gear for airtravel.  Airlines will not insure electronics
in checked baggage, so I am forced to travel this way now.  Crossing my
fingers on border crossing by car ;-)

So for mode-J (mode-V/U), I can generate 55w on the uplink and use a preamp
for the downlink (the FT-817 has two antenna ports programmable by band),
or I can forgo the preamp and just use the 1/4 WL 2m whip.  I assume both
SO-50 and AO-27 are mode-J.  In most likelyhood I will pull off the road
and use the Arrow (handheld) which works well without the amp.  I have
operated simplex on FM Leo-sats before with not too much trouble.  I agree
that AO-7 may not be a good idea.  I will have to try this bird from home
to get a feel on that.  Since AO-40 is off the air this may be a good

The vehicle is a minivan with a nice long roofline.  I will mount the two
mag-mount whips apart.  I will also have a single-band base-loaded whip for
20m (Hamstick) mounted on the 20 by 60 inch luggage rack that extends
behind the vehicle.  Twenty meter QRP mobile operation will be interesting!

I am running the radio equipment from an accessory battery which will be
charged from the cigarette lighter socket, so I may operate only for short
periods (have to experiment how long the battery will run between
chargings).  If the cig. outlet will support full current load in transmit
that may not be necessary (don't know till I try it).  I may find on SSB
that using the battery will reduce ignition pickup.  Everything needs to be
pre-configured for rapid setup as there will be no time for running cables
thru the firewall, etc.  Think of it like renting a vehicle.

I will take some photos and maybe write up a commentary of the operation
(for your entertainment).  I do look forward to working a few of you along
the way when I am able.  When kicked back listening to tunes on the new
Pioneer CD car radio, the FT-817 may be on 144.390 beaconing our location!
Going to be traveling thru a lot of grid squares!

I know this will be one heck of a trip for my wife an I.  She is also
getting some exposure to ham radio!

73s, Ed - AL7EB

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