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RE: Batteries

In a recent post you commented:
>   One other thing,  How does ALAT precess over time?  If ALAT
>   climbs to high
>   value we may not be able be to command AO-40 when it becomes
>   possible to do
>   so because the antennas would always be pointed into space at
>   all points in
>   the orbit.

The precessional behaviour of AO-40, in regard to ALAT, is very stable.
An attitude determination was carried out during Orbit 1487.
Due to the extensive work carried out by James Miller G3RUH and Stacey W4SM,
to Determine the Mystery Effect (ME)  the ALON can also be predicted with a
high level of confidence.
Hence as AO-40 is spin stabilised, the ALAT is stable and the ALON is
predictable, AO40's antennae will point directly at the earth, once per
At Alon/Alat 0/0 this occurs at Apogee, whereas at 180/0 it occurs at
perigee, for the high gain antennae.
As the Alon drifts the optimal squint angle for commanding occurs at
differing times for each orbit.
Rest assured the AO-40 command team have the appropriate tools to facilitate
the recovery.
All we need is a couple extra grams (ounces) of luck.

Colin VK5HI. AO-40 Command Team Member.

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