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The last TLM from AO-40

Hi, I have  collect some important data by last TLM from AO-40.
It's interesting to see the E-flag on safety window.
TLM Spec said:

   Emergency Flags.  A number of extreme conditions are checked for by the
   flight software and action taken.  E-FLAGS reports the condition.
where bit significance are:

E-FLAGS             bit   significance
      Emergency status    ------------------
                          0     Battery voltage low
                          1        ..     ..    very low
                          2     Command loss (Watchdog)
                          3     High temperature - transponder
                          4     Sun angle exceeds limit (~50 degrees)
                          5     ---
                          6     ---
                          7     ---

usually E-Flag is #00 but on orbit 1486 MA 132 we have #01, on MA 143 there 
is a command to reset this value at #00.
Again on MA 182 this flag is #01 and there is a reset command at MA 185.
On 03:11 UTC orbit  1487 at MA 9 we have again #01 till MA 255
On orbit 1488 this value start with MA 8 at #03, the reset command was sent 
at MA 32 but I thing the command was ignored because this flag change to #02 
at MA 40 and at MA 44 we lost contact with the satellite.
I would like to undestand this safety flag,any informations are 

My graphical report is on :  
http://www.qsl.net/it9gsv/sat/AO-40/AO-40-tlm.xls      (131Kb)

73 de Andrea IT9GSV@amsat.org

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