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Re: R: Be prepared for the worse

Hi Domenico, i8cvs

I think it shouldn't be a soo great problem preparing two feed-systems
(2.4 and 2.3 GHz) for a dish which could be changed. I think that we
would have longer time to make EME or terrestrical contacts when AO-40
have to sleep in case of the known problems.
Building power amplifiers for this frequencies You could try to get
some  GSM 900 MHz PA's on surplus. they are very cheap in the moment,
because some providers changed from single to dual band operation. Most
of the rig's has an output of two times 40 watts into circulators. So if
you pass them by and be care for no broken or shorted line to the
antenna you can reach with it till 160 watt super linear.
You just have to change the resonant pcb lines to external resonant
problem is that no schematics of the rig's is on market, but for a top
technician as you no problem I think.

vy 73 de ottwald oe2oha

i8cvs schrieb:
> Hi Fred, W0FMS
> You cannot operate EME at 2.4 GHz for the simple reason that in IARU
> Region 1-2 and 3 the 2400.000 to 2450.000 MHz band is allowed for
> Amateur Satellite Service.

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