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Re: ISS APRS status?

HI Emily,

Yes... you perfectly correct. An error on my part. I came up on the local
packet/APRS network without looking first at the text in my beacon comment.
Sorry about that. My foolish mistake.

However, let me answer your question. Why do I have the string
"RS0ISS*"there? There is a good reason for this. Down here, ISS (and PCSat
when it's working) packets that are gated to findu nearly always pass
through intermediate ground stations first. This means the that "*" after
"RS0ISS-3" gets stripped out by the station that forwards the signal to an
igate. The result is that none of the ISS APRS activity down here appears on
the ARISS website. Adding RS0ISS* to my beacon text solves this.

Best Wishes

Sil - ZL2CIA (ex PA3HIL)
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From: "Emily Clarke" <w0eec@amsat.org>
To: "Frank - KG6JVE" <kg6jve@pasadena.net>
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> It was a direct reception by ZL2TZE and when entering the SGATE system was
> it misinterpreted.  I think that's a bug in ARISS.net but I can't be sure
> since I don't own it. Why ZL2CIA is putting that string at the end of a
> packet intended for PCSAT (which is not operational anyway) is another
> question altogether.
> 73,
> Emily

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