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Re: Need help with PCSats and 910H

Hi Mike,

I have both a 1278B and a sound card interface and a 910H so I'm set up 
identical to you.

I'd recommend using the data jacks and keeping the ACC jack for use with 
sound card software.  The problem with using the data jacks is that the 
main and sub band data jacks change when you go from normal mode to 
satellite mode (one might call this a design flaw - others a design feature 

So although you can work the ISS packet system with the TNC wired up to the 
main band jackl, when you go to work a satellite like NO-45 or GO-32 you 
have to take the receive from the sub data port and the transmit from the 

So I had to build a switch box.  What I was able to do fairly easily was to 
modify a PS-2 Keyboard switch box.



At 01:31 PM 2/7/2004 -0800, mike@hatzakis.net wrote:

>I am connecting my ICOM 910H to either a PK-232 with DSP upgrades or an
>MFJ-1278B for use with the data satellites/ISS.
>My question, I can't recall the requirements for the Data in/ouy ACC jack
>(#2) vs. the audio jack ACC jack #1.   Which do people recommend for the
>above TNC's?  Ie., can they supply data or only modulated audio?
>Michael K3MH

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