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Re: a040

Dear Martyn,

> This is one of those e-mails where I could end up being highly embarrassed..

To be a spaceborne object, the signal must have all the following:

 * Correct azimuth and elevation
 * Correct polarisation
 * Signal must vanish with az/el changes commensurate with antenna beamwidth
 * Correct frequency
 * Correct doppler shift
 * Correct doppler shift change with time [this one is the clincher]
If it fails any of these, it is not your proposed target. 

To be useful, a report must include:

 * Date and time, UTC
 * Station Latitude and Longitude (not a locator, please)
 * Supporting evidence per above.


> Can anyone else detect this or am I going slighly mad?

No more than the rest of us;-)

73 de James G3RUH
For AO-40 Management Team

    James R Miller      WWW/PGP:     http://www.jrmiller.demon.co.uk/
  Cambridge, England   Stardate:        2004 Feb 07 [Sat] 1227 utc
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