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RE: ao40

I "listened/watched" until 00:20 UTC at which point I could not detect any sigs and calculated squint was about 65 degrees (based on ALON/ALAT of 0/0).

I cannot eliminate a terrestial source, however I had considered that. Sadly, I don't have elevation control on my 700mm dish, its fixed at 30 degrees elevation. Due to the trajectory of the orbit, the azimuth only shifted by about 10 degrees, which I followed. The observed "signal" was approx 5kHz wide. Until I lost the signal the calculated Doppler was about +4kHz. Over the almost 2 hours that I was watching/testing and trying to eliminate any sproggs, I confess that I did not watch for the 1kHz/30 mins Doppler shift. 

I had actually realised that the sat was in eclipse from its location.

I have checked for birdies this morning - the AO40rcv display is totally "blank" between 2401.340- 2401.350 (*sigh of relief*). I am actually beaming out over an area of almost total unoccupied countryside at 160-170 degrees. 

My initial thoughts were that the sigs may be from a Wireless Network or similar, but as I was unable to substantiate that, I thought it better to post and give someone else the chance to verify my observations. As I said in my opening para, this could be embarrasing...

Martyn Kinder G0CZD


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