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RE: Be prepared for the worse

At 04:14 PM 2/4/2004 +0000, Frederick M. Spinner wrote:
>Use the "AO-40" investments terrestrially.. VHF/UHF/Microwave weak signal 
>work is quite fun.  I'd imagine in Europe the opportunities for working 
>Tropo at 2.4 GHz would be quite impressive..  Many people also do ATV at 2.4 
>GHz, you'd have a hot receiving setup right off the bat with that...In 
>Europe some hams are doing DVB over ham radio, and that'd be extremely cool 
>to experiment with in the meantime.  I've often thought I should be the 
>first ham in America to send High-Def ATV, but the lack of freetime will 
>stop me of that.
>You'd have to build a transmitter to complete any setup, but that'd be fun 
>The knowledge of antennas I gained from experimenting with helixes, patches, 
>etc was one of the most enlightening journeys I've ever had in Amateur 
>Radio, and the few hundreds of dollars I spent were a bargain for what I 
>learned.  The narrowband patch antenna revealing itself as a very efficient 
>prime-focus feed I think advanced the amateur science quite a bit.  So there 
>was/is a lot of good here.
>Fred W0FMS

Fred & Luc, etal:

I would only suggest you QSY up 2 MHz with your terrestrial operation, if
using FM, CW or SSB.  ATV is a wideband mode and I would not encourage this
mode to operate within or near the satellite sub-band.  Lets not open the
ferquency up to non-compatible use!  If you use a 144 MHz IF for 2400 MHz
reception, then tuning  146-148 will get you outside the sat-band.

The idea of moon-bounce is great....except the freq where you find EME is
2.304/2320 MHz!  It takes about 100w with a ten-foot dish on this band to
do EME.  EME on 2.4 is probably not productive.  

So what I would suggest is building some 1w transmit convertors for 2402.1
MHz and try some narrowband modes: CW-SSB-PSK31 or move up another MHz and
try FM!  All are compatible in close proximity to the satellite sub-band.
ATV or wireless-LAN are not.

Of course if your IF is 123 MHz then slide up 20 MHz  (2420) and go for it!

73s, Ed - AL7EB

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