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RE: Nova

> I was wondering if any one else is experiencing weird or odd
> things with
> nova?  I am seeing AOS time acting very strangly, such as
> AO-27 passes and
> the the next aos time is like 23hrs away when I know it is
> only an hour and 20min away. 

I've noticed it too, but only since upgrading to the latest builds. It is
DEFINITELY an anomoly, and happens on the first upcoming pass. I can
duplicate it anytime with the ISS. Funny thing...if I stop the real-time
display, and go forward in time, the correct AOS/LOS will appear just 15 or
20 minutes before actual AOS. Until I reach that point, it still displays

Actually what I think it's doing, is ignoring the first upcoming pass
altogether, and showing the AOS/LOS for the 2nd pass, at least it's a lot
closer to the actual AOS/LOS times. The first upcoming pass also is missing
from the AOS/LOS One Observer Listing Data utility. I do not have any
AOS/LOS horizon specified in my settings, either.

I went back to build #34 and all is well -- every time. The 2 most recent
builds #80 and #? Both have this problem.
Stephen, WR9A   -   Lafayette, Indiana
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