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Re: Nova

Hi again Michael.  I suspect this is the first direct note between use since the
JPL conference!  For others wanting to know why I feel NOVA is difficult, as an
AMSAT coordinator I spend an order of magnitude more time trying to help users
get tracking programs going than any other effort.  Most will be able to 
appreciate NOVA is just too complex for any beginner especially one lacking in
computereeze!  The best statement might be:  There are too many small, traps
in which there is no apparent recovery.  The most positive suggestion I can make
is that the NOVA-Net should make available concentrated information with specific
keystroke or batch file clues in which only a call sign and Lat/Long data need
be entered to get from the CD to the most common tracking presentation.  It is
essential to include keystroke handholding how to manually manipulate Keplarian
element data both new and modified in the proper file at the proper time.
     If we spend SO much time making EZ-sats popular for newer satellite users
then we should made available EZ-program instructions for the same person.
A 300KB program should be capable working from a start up of immediate success!
Cliff K7RR  AMSAT LM 1606

"Michael R. Owen" wrote:
> Cliff,
> Like many other "big" software applications (MS Word, Excel, etc), Nova
> can be difficult at times.  No doubt about it.  The more knobs that are
> available to turn, the more likely the user can become lost.  Nova is
> designed for maximum flexibility and this means that it can also be
> maximally confusing.  For example, the notion that each View can have
> its own set of satellites, maps, observers and settings is sometimes
> intimidating.
> In his epoch-setting Instant Track, Franklin Antonio set the standard
> for bullet-proof amateur software.  Instant Track set out to do a
> limited number of tasks and it did them extremely well.  As a
> consequence, it needed virtually no revision.  Nova, being more
> ambitious but less perfect, has evolved through time and has also
> developed some quirks and, yes, bugs.
> I try to remain responsive to user input, bug reports, and suggestions.
> Nova-Net (http://www.nlsa.com/nets/nova-net-help.html) is a forum for
> this, perhaps more appropriate than amsat-bb.  I hope that you can
> understand however, that with over 300,000 lines of code, a complete
> revision of Nova is not imminent.
> 73,
> W9IP
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