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Re: After AO-40

At 05:05 PM 2/4/04 +0200, "Barry Murrell" <zr2dx@mweb.co.za> wrote:
>Spare a thought for us poor souls down in deepest darkest Africa! The LEO
>sats are an utter dead loss for us - we are currently down to about 7
>satellite operators here, with only maybe 3 relatively active. We can not
>even HOPE to work another country on the LEOs - there are no active
>countries within the footprint!


Sounds like your continent could use more ham radio operators.  Maybe you 
could propose to your licensing agency to dumb down ham radio requirements 
much like the ARRL is doing in America, in order to make it easier to get 
more people licensed.

I know when Africa was in the foot print with me I always hoped there would 
be someone to work.  I've only ever managed to work Africa on HF CW so far. 
It would be a real treat for me to work someone there on satellite.

73 de KB7ADL

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