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AO-40 receivers

Hi all,

the AO-40 receivers all run off the 10 V bus and 
require this bus to be regulated. I exchanged some
e-mails with an individual that eventually also 
succeeded in picking up the local oscillator signals
from some of the RF hardware onboard AO-40, but I 
need to search through some ancient e-mail history
to remember whom this was. Anyway, picking up the LO of
any of the command receivers would be a very useful
piece of information, observed frequency errors,
stability etc. included.

73's Michael, OH2AUE

P.S. regarding notes on the UO-11 S band beacon,
I would urge all interested individuals to give it
a try. The beacon is always on and has not yet once
failed me when trying to listen to the old bird.
Please remember the LHCP polarisation, but also that
with a good, near overhead pass, you _can_ pick up
the beacon with a linearly polarized can horn, short
LHCP helix, W-LAN patch antenna of almost any size etc. 
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