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Satellite Mode Duty Cycles...

I hate to start this, but as a "slow" CW operator, I did the research and 
here is what I came up with...

Unprocessed SSB ~ 15% Duty Cycle
Speech Processed SSB ~ 35% Duty Cycle
Standard CW (PARIS Format) ~ 44% Duty Cycle
Farnsworth Format CW (13 WPM with 5 WPM spacing) ~ much better than standard 

My brain is fudge...so if someone cares to calculate the Duty Cycle for 
Farnsworth Format...use the word PARIS, (include the word spacing at the end) and 
use these values for the code:

dits and intra-character spacing would be 92.3 milliseconds
the dahs would be 276.9 milliseconds
the inter-character spacing would be 1.443 seconds
inter-word spacing would be 3.367 seconds

BTW...The reduction in required Power Level for effective communication with 

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