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Command Receivers ( was AO-40: are the commands received?)

At 09:54 AM 2/4/2004 -0600, Kyle Yoksh wrote:

>I have been wondering if the command receiver may be less sensitive due to
>the low voltage, thus a more powerful uplink signal would be required?
>Anyone asked W5UN to try the machine codes? :-)

Several days ago I asked the same question of the command team off-list and 
here was the reply.

>the command receivers are running from a redundant 10V continous
>power supply from the BCR. So as long as the Bus voltage is above
>10V, it should be fine. Below 10V it may get somewhat unstable,
>but I don't now what the limit was..
>Our command stations are indeed trying all the command receivers
>and also vary the uplink frequency..



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