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Re: AO-7

Hi Ed,

Yes, Mode B.  I live in a townhouse apt with CC&Rs so I'm pushing it with 
my 2m/70cm antennas as it is.  I've tried a few 10m antennas and it hasn't 
worked very well - either too big or not enough gain.

At the extremes of it's orbit AO-7 will require more power, but it's 
receiver is still quite sensitive.  There is a lot of QRM and QRN both that 
plague AO-7, so I would encourage anyone who wants to seriously work AO-7 to:

1) Invest in a 2m and/or 10m receiver preamp if you don't have one 
already  They really do help.
2) Invest in a good DSP if you don't have one already.
3) If you hear any FMing in your signal, reduce power.
4) Use CW sparingly with the minimum power needed to make the QSO.



At 04:12 AM 2/4/2004 -0900, you wrote:

>Thanks for the info and comments on AO-7.  I suspect there will be some
>migration to AO-7 from AO-40 and operators need to be aware of limitations.
>  The recent questions about FM or AM are particularly pointed.  Any mode
>that is RF "hungry" is problematic.  I have not run CW on the sats much so
>not aware that operation is common at slower speeds.  On EME the norm is
>15-20 wpm.  I am not any great shakes on cw but it comes into use for modes
>like eme, ms, Auroral-Es, and terrestrial mw (all weak signal, QRP-like
>I was not aware that it took so little ERP for AO-7 (I assume this is
>mode-B).  I will have to try it ;-)
>73s, Ed - AL7EB

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