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Re: AO-7

Hi James,

It was the end of a long day where I got about 20 email comments similar to 
yours, so I apologize - I should have also put the smiley on my comment as 
well but was running out to a meeting at OES.  I'm also the NEST 
(Neighborhood Emergency Services Team) captain here in my neck of the woods.

The problem with Oscar 7 and CW isn't as much that fewer hams know it 
(which is true) but that the operators are slower (ie, the dahs and dits 
are longer) and there is less power to go around.  The result is that CW 
takes more power out of the satellite than it probably did when operators 
were sending 20 WPM.  Because of the voltage drops people send 5-10wpm and 
the longer key down state is really draining power.  People are talking 
about PSK (100% duty cycle) and full down RTTY (also 100% duty cycle) on 
AO-7 and don't realize that this could kill it.  Warble city.

I usually run about 25W ERP on AO-7 and usually have to turn that down to 
about 6W ERP (lowest I can go) when it gets close.  I know of some CW ops 
who are doing CW and when they key up you can hear the dits and dahs over 
the entire pass band.  But no one can cite them for it because it's not 
them, it's AO-7.  So what's a mother to do? (so to speak) The only thing I 
can think of is to try to point things more toward SSB voice and hope that 
is what people concentrate on.

I'd hate for AO-7 to break - crushed would be more like it.  I think it's 
Pheonix existance will inspire and encourage people for a long time.  It's 
already giving AO-40 operators and control operators hope.  So I hope you 
will join me in trying to encourage people to work AO-7 safely, with the 
knowledge they are using something that in any other era would probably be 
considered a museum piece.  I hope people will try to preserve this 
wonderful satellite resource for generations to come.



At 08:01 PM 2/3/2004 -0700, you wrote:
>Sorry Emily - I meant it as a joke. Sorry I didn't attach the smiley face.
>CW is a good cheap way to get on the analog satellites; one can key the PTT
>of an FM rig to get on. Lots of people got introduced to the satyellites via
>Mode A this way.
>Of course fewer hams know CW for this tour of Oscar 7 than the last one.
>Again, this wasn't meant to be a slam on you, just a joke. Please forgive.
>Back in my hole. - Duffey
>James R. Duffey KK6MC/5
>Cedar Crest NM 87008 DM65

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