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After AO-40

When I posted my quip about needing more satellites to handle increasing
traffic on AO-40, I did not guess that it would be so "soon"!  Of course we
all hope that it recovers and applaud the efforts of the command crew.

But this points why we should support the new crop of sats "waiting in the
wings"!  Though Echo is more a replacement for UO-14 and digi-sats, its
launch is pending and we should dig in and support it (I know many of you
have).  Lets get it up there and then we need to fund Eagle to replace
AO-40.  Hopefully, P3E is coming along too!  All of these have 2.4G
capabilities (although in different modes), so our investment in mode-S
should have a future.  {I bought my three Drake convertors in 1998, long
before AO-40's launch in expectation of its use}

My check for Echo along with my membership renewal is going out tomorrow!

{hoping AO-40 recovers faster than AO-7...but looking forward to new

73s, Ed - AL7EB

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