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Re: AO-40 Update, 2004-02-03

    First off,  Thanks go to you and the command team for all the effort that 
is going into the recovery of AO40.

   I also thank you for the very detailed description of the mounting and 
nearby structure of the main battery bank, but as you say " we are in a 
waiting game for the main battery to develop one "open" cell."

  Part of this waiting game is knowing what the exact cells are composed of  
that you are waiting to open, based on your description and pictures of the 
main and aux banks, http://www.amsat.org/amsat/features/p3dpix2/photo4.jpg  
,we can see that the cells are cylindrical.

 Yet it seems that what was built differs from what was planned, 
http://www.amsat.org/amsat/sats/phase3d/thermal.html#Power , I quote..
" The Main Battery is composed of 20 cells of 40 Ahr capacity, for a 22-28 VDC 
supply. These rectangular cells are from a terrestrial application, but have 
been very well characterized for space service."   rectangular cells....

 So I'm still wondering  since it looks like the type of main battery was 
changed, can anyone tell all of use what is really flying? what's is the 
brand and model of the cells.
 I'm hoping that a smaller amp hour rated cell is actually what went up, if 
this is the case then the the charging going on right now will be a much 
bigger percentage of cell capacity and that a cell will vent sooner than 

 Thanks 73
Kevin wa6fwf

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