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RE: AO-40 Update, 2004-02-03

>We currently use magnetorquers and I doubt anyone would say okay to
>trying the wheels after such a long absence of control.
>Long before we got there, a combination of perturbations, mystery
>force, etc. would have imparted all sorts of angular momentum to
>the spacecraft and it would probably be in a tumble.  With our
>sampling rate for the attitude sensors, cameras, etc. we could with
>some help from radio measurements, get some idea about magnitudes of
>rotational velocities and infer some things but I think we would have
>to be extraordinarily lucky to infer the actual vectors and their
>magnitudes and I do not know if we could time the torquers to the
>degree necessary to overcome the unknown, but guessed at, rotations.
>If it begins to tumble and we cannot get good readings on our
>attitude, we would be basically out of luck.

First off,  If the attitude makes the satellite useless of course someone will
any extreme measures to make it useful. And yes of course it may be so out
of whack that the torquers cannot be useful or even used.

What the hell do you think i asked about using the wheels for?


Now , back to the original question.
IF we had to, would there be enough power without the batteries?

Keith N6ORS

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