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Re: Re: Re: AO-40 Power Situation

At 11:02 PM 2/2/04 +0100, Peter Guelzow <peter.guelzow@kourou.de> wrote:
>The command station team tries to RESET the IHU and send small machine
>code blocks to disconnect the faulty MAIN-Battery.
>There will be no telemetry after the RESET went through, so if it was
>in fact received, we would not have any telemetry from these events,
>since IPS is no more running.. Some old WOD data might be still in the RAM.
>73s Peter DB2OS

So if cells are the problem, assuming nothing else, we wait for the bad 
cells to open.  The opening of cells is probably not an exact 
science.  They could open tomorrow, or they could open next year.  Does 
this sound about right?

Also, is the only reason the AUX battery hasn't been able to be switched to 
is because their isn't enough voltage available to make the system do the 
switch?  I know you're continually sending commands to switch, but it 
hasn't switched yet.


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