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Satellite Antenna Modeling

Using the antenna modeling program EZNEC to model a 435 MHz RHCP Helix for 
satellite use, I have a question someone might be able to help me with. With 
in the program you are able to pick different grounds from which your 
antenna will operate above. Searching the internet I was able to acquire 
from the FCC site, that this portion of Florida has a ground conductivity of 
4 millimhos per meter. EZNEC is looking for the ground conductivity in 
Siemens per meter. I have searched and can't seem to come up a answer to my 
question.  How does millimhos relate to Siemens? Are they one in the same? 
Is 4 millimhos the same as .004 Siemens? Anyone ?

By the way, does anyone know of a site that might already have antenna 
modeling files available?  I'm more interested in experimenting with antenna 
designs then taking the time to build them up within the program. Not really 
wanting to try to reinvent the wheel, if its already available.

Thanks for your help.. Keith

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