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Re: Re: Re: AO-40 Power Situation [fixing bad URL]

Excellent work and very valuable information! - John, congratulations!!

Some of the changes could be due to changed battery offset settings in
the BCR parameters, which results in lower/higher bus/battery voltage..
We need to cross check that with the command log or you might want
to look at the BCR settings when those jumps happened..

73s Peter DB2OS

John Mock wrote:

>     However, I would not exclude the possibility that one of
>     the three battery packs suffered from problems due to the
>     events three years ago.
> I agree that's this is possible, but my groveling over the telemetry archive
> seems to suggest that the main battery didn't seem to change much after the
> propulsion failure, unless said damage took 8-9 months to start to manifest.
> I've updated my notes on this:
>      http://www.qsl.net/kd6pag/AO-40/PowerAnomoly.html
> ....
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