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Re: "gerant d'estrade" attitudes

As Stacey's wrote a couple of days ago, such commands
are sent by the various command stations to AO-40
on a daily basis, whenever the spacecraft is in view.
It's just one short reset block and machine code
to switch over to the AUX and disconnect the main battery.
These also include commands to turn the S-band TX back on.
K-Band TX has been tried the same way..

73 Peter DB2OS

Luc Leblanc (VE2DWE) wrote:
>>The IHU and receivers should still work, but without telemetry it
>>is hard to predict what the current situation really is..
> With the floating "gerant d'estrade" attitudes guessing around AO-40 .(Gerant d'estrade A french expression 
> meaning someone in the crowd telling the guy on the field what he should be doing without being, himself, 
> able to play on the field.) Is it possible to try to send codes to isolate MAIN batt from AUX? and /or 
> switching on AUX alone? I'm just guessing around the two > above lines. 
> Is this will be doing more harm? i don't know but it can be worthwhile as we run out other options!
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