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Re: Re: AO-40 Power Situation [fixing bad URL]

    However, I would not exclude the possibility that one of
    the three battery packs suffered from problems due to the
    events three years ago.

I agree that's this is possible, but my groveling over the telemetry archive
seems to suggest that the main battery didn't seem to change much after the
propulsion failure, unless said damage took 8-9 months to start to manifest.
I've updated my notes on this:


and now have plots from launch until the present time available via a form
therein.  One thing i've noticed is that we have cell one or more cells drop
on from time to time, often in the same part of an orbit (aside from eclipse 
and/or perigee). Then after awhile, either the sun angle improves and/or the
problem seems to go away, or at least improve.  Let's hope this happens at
least enough to switch battery packs.  73's/good luck!

			        -- KD6PAG
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