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Re: ao40 power

On Feb 1, 2004, at 4:28 PM, wa6fwf wrote:

> if we lost 10 cells due to a shorted condition, and we still have 10 
> cells
> working, and the voltage is still around 14volts like the last block 
> we saw,
> then the sats panels are producing 14 volts at 6 amps equals  84 watts,
> divide that into the 10 cells and each cell needs to dissipate 8.4 
> watts of
> heat...
> they will get warm but being a 40ah cell is quite large, will this 
> really be
> enough to build enough pressure to vent and dry anytime real soon?
>    BTW the the rate of dissipation remains constant regardless of the 
> number
> of cells shorted or not shorted...

But the dissipation among the cells is not constant.  Shorted cells 
will dissipate far less than the good cells....    Volts X Current = 
Watts (Dissipation)

Mike W4LNA

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