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AO-40 battery problem?


Is my personal opinion, I think,  a simple system wich have two or more 
battery packs use diode for not flow current back when one battery pack have 
low voltage.
So I think AO-40 use diode,if my opinion is rigth,the problem isn't on the 
MAIN battery because,when AUX was connected we have seen the same voltage 
drop to 14V and this mean there is a current dissipation not from MAIN 
battery (if diode is used..)
Problem on AO-40 isn't battery cells shorted.
The strange value is the BUS current, if you have short or load loss you 
should read more current and this not appeare on last TLM during AO-40 

That's my impression but everyday I hope AO-40 retun back as soon as 

73 de Andrea IT9GSV

73 de Andrea IT9GSV@amsat.org

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