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Re: Re: AO-40 Power Situation

We know that at least one cell failed the day before the
fatal failure. Also I would not argue that the domino
effect is a kind of multiple failure. It could be very well
inherit to the design of these cells..
However, I would not exclude the possibility that one of
the three battery packs suffered from problems due to the
events three years ago..
But indeed, whatever of both scenarios is true, the resulting
effect would be the same..

73s Peter DB2OS

Franklin Antonio wrote:
> At 12:33 PM 2/1/2004, Peter Guelzow wrote:
>> The problem is, that the battery cells failed too fast in something
>> like a domino effect. That kind of behavior was not expected and
> Is it possible that a wire shorted, mimicking the effect of failure of 
> several series-connected cells?
> Single failure easier to believe than multiple failures.

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