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ao40 power

Hi all,
   I have been watching the discussion about the batts and how now we are 
waiting for a cell to open... 
  I believe from what I have seen on the BB that the main bank is rated at 
40ah, could anyone tell me the  make and model on those batts just to be 
  Normally you charge nicads at some particular ratio of "C"  with a slow 
charge  of 14 to 16 hours typically being ".1C" , so for a 40ah pack that 
would be 4 amps...
  it has been said that we believe that 6 amps are going into the bank right 
now which is more than a slow charge rate but not by a huge amount...

if we lost 10 cells due to a shorted condition, and we still have 10 cells 
working, and the voltage is still around 14volts like the last block we saw, 
then the sats panels are producing 14 volts at 6 amps equals  84 watts, 
divide that into the 10 cells and each cell needs to dissipate 8.4 watts of 
they will get warm but being a 40ah cell is quite large, will this really be 
enough to build enough pressure to vent and dry anytime real soon? 
   BTW the the rate of dissipation remains constant regardless of the number 
of cells shorted or not shorted...

just looking at all the angles here.... 

thanks 73
Kevin wa6fwf
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