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Re: satnames database

W4SCO Wrote:

>Again, WHY make all the software vendors change their software when the 
>issue can be solved at ONE single point (LOTW software)?
>This would also help all the satellite users who have logs with the 
>various names. WHY make them edit and change all the names in their logs?

Indeed - this isn't rocket science. The problem is to fix LOTW, not the 
ROTW (Rest Of The World).  LOTW should transform any satellite name into 
some standard it expects to store.

OSCAR numbers have permutations, but they are always with two letters or 
words one of which is/begins with O, a punctuation mark which can be 
discarded, and a number.  If there are words (ie, OSKAR) then it still can 
be checked to see if it will transform to an "O number" standard.  If 
someone is sufficiently naive enough to log SaudiSat 1c instead of SO-50, 
or OSCAR-AMSAT 07 then perhaps they should request a special form of 
transformation on that, but I'd bet the percentage is minute.

What I find utterly amazing is a) no one at LOTW considered this before, b) 
no one at AMSAT consulted to LOTW and c) that this didn't come up during 
the LOTW beta program.

This is the reason I'm glad I wrote my own log and database. I can 
transform it into anything I want whenever I need it with a simple SQL query.



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