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Re: satellite names

Hello Scott and the Net:    

Let us keep this LOTW requirement simple.

My limited perspective suggests that all the LOTW needs to check for,  
is if the QSO is by satellite, any satellite.

The simple designation of " SAT" or "SATELLITE" should qualify any valid 
satellite QSO.

I check hundreds of QSL cards every year for the ARRL Awards, VUCC, 
WAS,  and DXCC.

Possibly a comments column in the LOTW database could include the exact 
satellite designation, like AO40
and include the frequencies used like U/S2 or Vup Udown for AO27.

The ONLY requirement of the ARRL Award programs, with hand checking 
cards,  is to indicate a satellite QSO.
The exact satellite designation is not required. Nice to have, but not 
required as long as sat or satellite is on the card.

For non ARRL awards, the comment column could be used by other 
organizations,  like AMSAT, who may want and need
greater detail of the QSO, for a very specific AMSAT Award.

KISS mode: Keep It Simple Satelliters

It is not obvious to me, at this time, of  the economics of using the 
LOTW ARRL database for non ARRL awards.
Probably the non ARRL organization will have to pay per QSO for access 
and the individual requesting the award
also pays, per qso, to use the LOTW. One rate I heard was  0.25$ per QSO.

Stan, #496    Cape Cod

Scott Townley wrote:

>  Jeff Griffin wrote:
> I would rather see AO40, AO-40, AO 40 ,oscar 40, etc, mean the same 
> thing.

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