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Re: satellite names

At 05:58 AM 2/1/2004, you wrote:
>Could always use the satellite catalogue number
>i.e. 26609 for AO-40, 7530 for AO-7 etc.
>73 de David VK5DG

The problem is NOT in the logging programs but rather in the LOTW software. 
LOTW needs to be corrected so that it will accept QSO matches that the 
logging programs send to it. LOTW (only) needs to know all the possible 
names for Oscar 40 and accept ALL those names as a match.

Why make users change thousands of logs and logging software companies 
change their software when the problem can be solved at ONE point (LOTW) by 
"educating" the LOTW software as to "correct" satellite names. Again I 
think AMSAT-NA should develop these names.


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