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Re: AO40 question

Hi Bill,

> I'm reading many messages about attempt to swich over 2nd battery and to 
> switch on K-Tx.
> But... what about minimum battery voltage for RX working?

The command receivers are suplied by the redundant continous 10V supply.
As long as the bus voltage is above 10V, the regulators should work fine.

> Wich are command station uplink frequencies? 144 MHz?

plus L-band and 70cm.

> If not when solar angle will be better, the solar panel regulator is 
> able to provide stable voltage to supply satellite even if connected to 
> a failed battery?

see my earlier mail..  at the moment the main battery works like a
high current consumer, which takes all the energy from the solar panels.

> Good Luck to Command Team!!!!!!!

Thanks, best 73s Peter DB2OS

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