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Hi All-

I haven't been active for several years due to family health problems but
they are now behind me and I want to get back into the satellite comm game.
My major need is a rotator.  I've read on the BB many posts about the Yaesu
5400/5500 rotators, most of them not encouraging..

Now my specific question. Although SatEL faithfully advertises in The AMSAT
Journal I don't recall any comments on the BB about KN6KC's system for or
against. Has anyone had any experience with his/her rotators/control
processor/Windows drivers? I'll be using a Pentium computer with Windows 98

Any comments would be welcome as I figure out which way to go.  You can
respond via the BB or direct to bryantcw@cox.net.

Thanks in advance.

Bryant, W2RGG/6, AMSAT Member #25030

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