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Fundraising Idea?


Perhaps I've just had a few too many days off work this holiday, but I
have a pretty simple idea for raising a few dollars for AMSAT projects,
and I'd like use you as a sounding board...

If you've been in this hobby for very long, chances are pretty good that
you have a shack or garage that could do with some cleaning; and it may
well be littered with amateur radio related items that you or your XYL
would be pleased to part with in exchange for a donation to AMSAT. A
tax-deductible donation for many...

Suppose you could list such items that you have for sale, with the
proceeds being donated to AMSAT to fund present and future projects.

Such items could be listed on a Web page for perusal by potential
buyers, and perhaps a dozen or such listings could make it into the
weekly AMSAT newsletter?

The transaction would be completely between the buyer and the seller.
Of course AMSAT could have no responsibility for making sure the buyer
is "happy". Sellers would donate the proceeds from those sales and for
most US amateurs, those donations are tax-deductible.

Unused equipment gets a new home. Sellers get a tax deduction. AMSAT-NA
gets a donation. Does anyone "lose" in such a scenario?

This all seems too simple to be unique so I apologize if this has been
done before and I have somehow missed it.

Any thoughts?

Jeff Davis, Ke9v
AMSAT #28350
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