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Re: [Re: Re: Moon-based amateur radio transponder]

Careful sending politicians, some folks might consider not funding the 
return trip.  ;-)

"Here's an idea .. we send a man to the moon .. and then we leave him 
there.  No, really, we send a guy up and leave him on the moon until we 
can figure out how to get him home .."

"No .. sorry, gentlemen, there is no way on earth we would ever .. ever 
.. EVER .. do something like that.  ...  EVER."


On Tuesday, Dec 30, 2003, at 22:18 US/Central, GEORGE ABBOTT wrote:

> Any suggestions for the first entertainer or politician to send to the 
> moon?
"Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve
life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out
death in judgement. Even the very wise cannot see all ends." -- Gandalf

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