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Re: RE: QSLing

Wayne and others, 
I'm glad you are good about QSL'ing, wish I'd have worked you!
I agree with you about many stations not really being interested in
grids,  awards, etc.  It's about the same on H.F. , too. 
I made about 1000  QSO's mostly on UO-14 on my vacation trips this year
and got maybe 100 requests for QSL's from 
all those grids, counties, states, etc.   

What I'm saying is that it's no big chore to answer a few cards every so
often.  I used to be a QSL manager for the YASME
Foundation some years ago when Lloyd & Iris Colvin (W6KG & W6QL) were
making the rounds.  They would make
8000-10,000 QSO's from each stop.  The QSL's would come in direct and via
the bureau in quantities that would 
amaze you!  I only did a few of the stations and once the word got around
that I was the manager for those stations, 
my mailman was bringing a bundle of mail with a big rubber band around it
every day.  The bureau cards were another
story, they would come in a big cardboard box!  I mean maybe 40-50 pounds
at a time!

All the logs were done by hand and I answered all the cards by hand for
probably a couple of years after the DX-peditions
were over.  And it wasn't that big of a deal.

QSL'ing is just a part of ham radio. So you have to answer a card now  &
then. No big deal, and it makes somebody happy
on the receiving end.    NObody can be so busy they can't fill out a card
or sign a reply card and drop it in the mail.  During 
the time I was doing the YASME cards, I was commuting around 100 miles
each way to work every day, doing my regular
chores at home, going to the kid's events, etc. and it all got done.

If anyone has QSL'd to me via the  ARRL bureau (W6 incoming QSL bureau),
I have probably not yet got your card. 
The "Y" section of the bureau is not working very well, I'm lucky to get
one envelope a year with 50-60 cards in it. 
I got one envelope last year with a stamp that I put on in 1988!  And
they griped because it didn't have enough postage on it! 

John,  K6YK
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