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Re: [Re: Re: Moon-based amateur radio transponder]

Chris, PA5RWE wrote:

>What`s on Everest  ,
>why did people climb the Eiger.

>It`s the moon silly....

I never said that the moon was not a worthy goal, although a somewhat
difficult one. 

I am asking if Amsat members would like to spend their money on a lunar
repeater INSTEAD OF the Echo and Eagle projects.

I would like someone with EME experience to comment on the assumption that a
transponder on the moon would improve the EME link margin. It seems that even
though the old moon is a passive reflector, it is also a VERY LARGE passive
reflector, having a cross section area of about 9.5 E+12 meters squared. A
transponder antenna on the moon would have a capture area of a few tens of
square meters at best. Let's see the calculations.....

Dan Schultz N8FGV

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