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Re: Re: Moon-based amateur radio transponder

Hi All,

Domenico wrote:

>> It does not make sense  to put a transponder on the moon just for the
> reason that it's more simple and cheap and effective to put it into earth
> orbit.
That's entirely true, from a purely technical / engineering standpoint. But
from a PR point of view, a moon based system would be unique. Most of the
lay public would have some sort of vague idea that there are lots and lots
of satellites in space, maybe even have heard the term "space junk". But
most would also be aware that there's not much gear on the moon at all. So a
transponder on the moon would get their attention far more than "yet
another" satellite.

To me, EME has a great appeal - bouncing signals off that great big thing in
the sky that's so far away. But I'll probably never have the room to erect
antennas to do it. But a moon transponder ought to be order(s) of magnitude
easier, so I might do it. And it might just appeal to other prospective hams

The various AMSAT bodies do a superb job with our satellites - I'm sure they
could do this too, if the motivation and funding were there.


Steve, vk5asf

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