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re: AO-27 Questions

   1. Where can I find when AO-27 is turned on?

Try the AO-27 home page [http://www.AO27.org] and/or AMSAT weekly satellite
report [http://www.amsat.org/amsat/ftp/news/wsr.new].  If you having trouble
and the home page hasn't been updated in quite some time, then you might 
try asking here if you don't find anything by searching the AMSAT-BB archive

   2. On last nightspass, I was having a rain storm. Does clouds obscure 
   the signal from AO-27?

No, but trees can and buildings certainly will...  Just don't be the 
tallest point around during a thunderstorm.

73's and good luck!

		         -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, Satellite QRPer)

P.S.  Make sure you can hear AO-27 well enough to copy callsigns before 
transmitting!  If the bird is anywhere near North America (and probably
also Europe), there's a good chance someone experienced will already be
on.  Use a portable cassette recorder when operating mode J-FM portable, 
it's hard to write down callsigns and talk at the same time with an hand-
held antenna.
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