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Nova Satellite Footprint


Has anyone noticed that the Nova AOS/LOS does not agree with the satellite

I noticed this this morning when trying AO-27 on a high latitude orbit. It
was well out
of the F/P and I was still hearing my CQ calls, no response :-(

Out of interest tried the next pass when NOVA was predicting that the sat
would not appear over the
horizon, and sure enough, I could hear my CQ call again. Nova was
indicating -2 degrees.

All this on a Diamond 2000 / TH-D700.

I've also noticed this on FO-29 when tracking it out over the Atlantic with
the beam / rotator!

Any thoughts?

BTW, PCSAT has been great fun over the holidays and I got my first digipeat
from RS0ISS too!

Happy New  Year!!!!

- Dave
Editor AMSAT-UK Oscar News  / AMSAT-NA (ANS)

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